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            :  GHM43020UK
130 AED
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Geepas Hand Mixer 1X6

400 W Power -The higher the power of the electric mixer, the better it will perform the complex work. This kitchen mixer operates in the range of 300 to 400 watts. This allows the hand whisk electric to perfectly knead a tight dough. Nozzles - In the basic configuration of this cake mixer comes two pairs of nozzles - beaters and hooks. Beaters are intended for whipping liquid products: eggs, cream, light creams and liquid dough. They are made in the form of wire corollas. Hooks-spirals are used for It is necessary to knead a steep dough, for example, on pies, muffins, cakes. They are made in the form of spirals or waves of thick wire. 5 Speed With Turbo Function - The most important parameter of food mixers is the speed. This cake mixer electric has 5 speeds. As practice shows, five speeds are enough to whip up a variety of products. For example, egg whites are recommended to be whipped first at the lowest speed, gradually increasing it to the maximum. A liquid cream is better and faster whipped at high speeds. Sometimes it is necessary to carefully mix any ingredient, then the best way to use low speed. The shift button is located on the handle of the electric hand mixer and is switched by one finger movement. Next, to the speed selector, there is a turbo button, which for a short time increases the speed of rotation of the nozzle. Turbo mode is useful for short-term mixing. However, this option should not be abused, so as not to overheat the engine - turn on this mode for no longer than a few seconds.

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