Geepas Omelet Maker/NS Coating Plate 1x8

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            :  GOM36535UK
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Geepas Omelet Maker/NS Coating Plate 1x8

Hey, Let's Make Cooking Stylish! Fluffy and Thick Omelets in Minutest semi-circle 14mm deep molds produce thick and perfectly formed omelettes whilst the dual heated plates ensure both sides are cooked to perfection! Healthy Hassle-Free OmelettesIt is a hassle-free alternative to making omelettes as it removes the need for frying pans, flipping and the associated mess. The non-stick plates limit the need for excessive amounts of oil or butter ensuring you produce the healthiest omelettes yet! Simple Function Just put in an omelet pan a few eggs and other necessary ingredients, close the lid of the appliance and wait until the indicator tells you about the dish. You can also add vegetables, pieces of meat or other desired ingredients and get a delicious dish, amazing breakfasts, nutritional snacks or experiment with new ingredients.


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