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Esab - Welding Machine

The Buddy™ Arc 200 is a robust and durable power source forthe professional welder. The machine provides state-of-the-art weldingperformance and reliability through use of the latest high grade IGBTtechnology.

Buddy Arc 200 provides a smooth DC (Direct Current) welding power which allowsyou to weld most metals, such as alloyed and non alloyed steel, stainlesssteel, and cast iron. The arc force and hot start settings are adjustedautomatically according to the set welding current, giving excellent arc startsand welding performance across the amperage range of the machine. The Buddy Arc200 can weld with up to 4.0mm electrodes.

The Buddy Arc 200 can easily perform TIG -welding using a “Live Tig” start.Equip the power source with the optional Tig-Torch, which has a built-in gasvalve and regulator, and a bottle of gas and you are ready to weld mild steelor stainless steel, with or without filler material.

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