Cold Rooms


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Cold Rooms

Depending on the size and use cold rooms can be broadly classified as walk-in cold rooms andwarehouse cold stores.Walk-in cold rooms are smaller in size compared to the large warehouse cold stores and areused primarily by the retail industry to store goods with fast shelf replenishment rate. Due tothe small size of the rooms, the insulated floors are built strong enough only to allow the use ofhandcarts and are not suitable for large power equipment such as forklifts. Walk-in cold roomsare used in the supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, etc.Unlike walk-in cold rooms, warehouse cold stores are very large sized stores used to store goodsat very low temperatures for a longer period. These are built with strong reinforced insulatedflooring that allows the use of power equipment for loading and unloading goods. To achieveworking temperature requirements of 15°C to –40°C, these large cold stores are in most casesfitted with more than one refrigeration unit.Rack power system is the advanced power system used by TSSC in which the refrigeration unitsare connected in a racking arrangement. This system provides high-energy efficiency comparedto the use of ordinary split units. TSSC is the only specialized company in the region capable ofinstalling this system.For quick freezing and chilling applications, blast-freezers and blast-chillers are used where thetemperature in the cold room drops to as low as -40ºC from the room temperature in just a fewhours. TSSC is a pioneer in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of these modules,which are ideal for the instant freezing of medium sized fish and chicken.

Applications OfTssc Cold Rooms• Super markets• Food services• Catering• Restaurants• Butchery• Hospitals• Beverage rooms• Processing areas

QualityWith over 5 decades of experience in manufacturing products to international standards, state ofthe art manufacturing facilities and the largest production capacity in the Middle East, the QualityManagement System followed by TSSC ensures it caters to customer demands by ensuring timelydelivery and providing exceptional service.Continuous and constant improvement is the unique characteristic of our ISO system. As a leadingmanufacturer, TSSC has always stayed focused on finding new ways to design, produce, sell anddeliver quality products at economical prices.TSSC’s state of-the- art QC laboratories ensure that the products meet the various internationalstandards to which they are designed and produced .The QA/QC team monitors operationalprocesses and inspect product quality at each stage of production.Third party certifying agencies approve most of TSSC products. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certifiedby VINCOTTE INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE EAST and our Insulated Composite Panels for Cold Stores,Internal Partitions and Ceiling systems are certified FM Approved for Internal Applications per FMApprovals Standard 4880. The FM Approved panels system can be supplied with either Rockwoolor PIR insulation. The systems are available in diffrent options and offers based on excellentcharacteristics. Please contact sales department for FM approved system or special options. Inaddition to this, our thermal insulation (B2 & PIR) is approved by the Dubai Central Laboratories(DCL)

FM Global AccreditationTSSC Insulated Composite Panels system for ColdStores, Internal Partitions and Ceilings are certifiedFM Approved for Internal Applications per FMapproval standard 4880. The FM Approved panelssystem can be supplied with PIR insulation.FM Global is world’s leading commercial andindustrial property insurer with a unique focus onLoss Prevention through engineering.. FM Approvalsis known worldwide for its focus on testing andcertifying only those products, which promoteproperty loss prevention. A Class 1 rating from FMApprovals per approval standard #4880 means thatTSSC’s insulated composite panels exhibit limitedfire spread and fuel contribution and may not requirespecial protection such as sprinklers, when thebuilding walls do not exceed listed heights. Yearsof research and engineering on Insulated Sandwichpanels at TSSC followed by a series of rigorouslarge-scale tests at FM Approvals for performanceevaluation in case of Fire and Natural Hazardshave resulted in TSSC obtaining the prestigious FMApproval mark. 

Product SpecificationP.E. Protective LayerTop coating, Polyester, Plastisol, PET, Microban, PVDFPrimerZinc CoatingSteel SubstrateZinc CoatingEpoxy BackcoatA wide range of cladding materials is used by TSSC to manufacture insulated panels. Theseinclude:1. Polyester pre-painted galvanized steel2. PVC (Plastisol) coated galvanized steel3. Stainless Steel4. Aluminum (Stucco-embossed or pre-painted)Depending on customer requirements, TSSC also supplies panels manufactured using othercladding materials. The surface profiles of the insulated panels are smooth or ribbed dependingon the requirement.The manufacturing process of the insulated panels involves injection of polyurethane foam athigh pressure between the claddings using a high-pressure mixer. The panels are of standardsizes or are custom made to required sizes.The different kinds of panels used in the construction of a cold room are wall, ceiling andfloor panels. The ceiling and floor panels are manufactured with the same width as the wallpanels. Corner panels are used with wall panels for partitioning in applications where multiplecompartments need to be built.The claddings are formed at the edges in “U” shape to guarantee superior adhesion between thesheet and polyurethane and are shallow ribbed to provide additional strength and dimensionalstability. The floor panels are made strong to withstand uniformly distributed load of up to 2.5tons per square meter.

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