Storage forklift


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Storage forklift

Unloading at siteExtreme care and attention need to be given whileunloading the panels at the site. It has to be done notonly for the protection of the panels but also for thesafety of the handling personnel.Panels should never be dropped onto hard or unevensurfaces or thrown from vehicles.StoragePanels supplied in bundles should be stored on flateven ground able to withstand the weight of both thepanels and the lifting equipment. The Polyethylenesheet wrap could remain on the bundle when thepanels are stored for short periods provided they arenot exposed to sunlight and humidity.For long storage periods, TSSC advises its customersto remove the Polyethylene sheet wrap and store thepanels indoors.Using forklift with panels - under “6” meters Spreaderbar with slings Using Lifting beam with panels over “6”Meters Long.Protective filmBoth sides of TSSC insulated panels are coveredwith nylon protective film to protect the panels fromscratches. The protective film should be removedonly after the panels are installed in order to ensuremaximum protection.The protective film could remain on the insulatedpanel for any storage period. However, for long periodsof storage the panels should be stored indoors.

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