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Refrigerated Truck Bodies & Trailers

TSSC has long been a pioneer in the manufacture ofisothermal bodyworks. With over 50 years of provenexpertise in the field of insulated panels, the companyemploys the latest construction techniques tomanufacture insulated vehicle bodies to the higheststandards. These techniques guarantee thermalefficiency and durability – offering you the most costefficient solutions in the long term.From small to large, mid-temperature to deep-frozen,TSSC can build refrigerated vehicle bodies for pickups,trucks, vans and trailers to specific requirements.These vehicle bodies are ideal for transportingdry goods as well as food products such as dairy,poultry, meat, fruits and juices. Insulated bodies canbe constructed to maintain temperatures as low as-40°C.TSSC is one of the few companies in the region to buildtruck bodies using only 6 panels – one for each sideof the body. Along with contributing to the aestheticlook of the finished body, this has the advantageof minimizing leakage and ensures that desiredtemperatures are maintained in the most costeffective way.TSSC offers truck bed flooring in various finishes suchas Polyurea (eco-friendly), Aluminum T-Profiles, fiberglass and stainless steel. The Truck’s side panels arecapable of accommodating up to 4 doors on each sideto allow easy loading and unloading of goods. There are a wide range of accessories that can be used inthe body depending on client requirementWith over five decades of experience, TSSC caters toyour long term needs by providing exceptional aftersales service. Our technical team can be contactedfor assistance on a dedicated toll-free number sevendays a week at any time, day or night, for technical orservice issues relating to refrigeration units or vehiclebodies.TSSC offers its customers a wide variety of highquality accessories to choose from.• Eutectic Plates• Wind Deflectors• Meat Hanging Systems• Steel Steps• Roll Up Doors• Tail Lifts• Temperature Partitions• Refrigeration Units

Wind Deflectors 

TSSC’s Wind Deflector improves wind flowover the truck body by enhancing the vehicle’saerodynamics. It is used to protect therefrigeration unit and vehicle against strong windsthat blow against the vehicle at high speeds. Theaerodynamic structure of the Wind Deflector reduces drag and decreases air pressure fromtop and bottom, resulting in smoother air flow.This increases vehicle handling and stability andimproves performance and fuel economy.

Eutectic Plates 

TSSC is one of the very few companies in the regionto build refrigerated vehicle bodies using EutecticPlates. These are used to maintain a certaintemperature inside the insulated body for longperiods even after the unit is disconnected from apower supply.Eutectic plates are the preferred choice wheretemperatures need to be reduced down to-30°C. They find their ideal use where very lowtemperatures must be maintained and frequentstops are not required


Depending on the nature of cargo and handlingrequirements, TSSC bodies can be equippedwith sturdy and long life doors of various sizes,orientation andtypes. These doors are built and installed withthe best-in-class hardware, locks, hinges, andhandles. 

Meat Hanging Systems 

Made with an appropriate grade of stainlesssteel suitable for food areas as per international standards, the state of the art hardware allowsfor safe, hygienic, and efficient transportation ofmeat. The sturdy hooks are designed to take up to30Kgs of weight each.

Steel Steps

TSSC truck bodies can be equipped with eitherfixed or foldable steps with slip-safe treads.

Tail Lifts

TSSC can install hydraulically controlled tail lifts,which can bear loads of up to 1700 kg.

Temperature Partitions

Each truck can be fitted with a temperaturepartition which allows two temperature levels tobe maintained within the same truck.Alternatively, if the truck is half-full, energy canbe saved by partitioning the loaded and unloadedsections of the truck and switching off refrigerationin the empty section

Refrigeration Units

Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies manufactured byTSSC are available in different sizes. To meettemperature requirements each vehicle is fittedwith a refrigeration unit which can be selectedfrom a wide range of brands. 

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