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            :  HEM11
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Heavy Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck from HANGCHA with Different Load

Load :

- 12.0 - 16.0 Ton.

- 11.0 - 20.0 Ton.

- 14.0 - 18.0 Ton.

- 28.0 - 32.0 Ton.


Cummins QSC8.3 supercharged engine Emissions comply with EPA 3 and EU Ⅲ requirements; High performance, low energy consumption, low speed with high torque, great power reserves.

ZF micro controller with 3 stage power-shift is to make sure the high reliability. Using the most advanced TCU microelectronic control transmission proportional control valve to achieve uninterrupted power output and automatic transmission. German Kessler heavy load drive axle is fully enclosed system with maintenance free.

International famous brand hydraulic valve, the main hydraulic pump, the guide handle. Load sensing hydraulic system, reduce the continuous load of engine; Remote hydraulic control and electric control are simple and convenient. Multiple hydraulic testing points simplify the maintenance work.

Widened duplex mast, reinforced frame, broad vision; Dual valves limit the speed, better security. Side shifter is the standard configuration.


Poclain hydraulic power brake, wet multi-disc service braking and spring action, caliper disc parking brake system with forced cooling by oil, is safe and reliable


Single transverse arranged cylinder of steering axle has dual function, full hydraulic power steering, steering has priority, with load sensing function, for easy operation.

Integral full suspension tilting cabin which can shield most of vibration and noise. The cabin which configured wide vision, suspension seat, electric control and hydraulic control joystick, is simple and easy for operation and maintenance. It provides a large space for driver’s legs.

Implement the latest international, national and industry standards. Sensing system using the seat, and to improve driving safety norms operation. The use of advanced CAN-BUS system, high reliability, good anti-jamming; The controller collects information of engine, transmission, all types of sensors, pressure switches and fault.

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