Hydraulic Hammer 30T TRB1550

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Hydraulic Hammer 30T TRB1550

Product introduction:

The triangular hydraulic breaker is mainly installed at the front end of the excavator and is a physical crushing device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, railway, highway repair, cement pavement crushing, foundation excavation and other projects, which can effectively break stones and rocks, and significantly improve work efficiency.


The triangular hydraulic breaker has complete specifications, advanced design, excellent performance, strong impact force, durability, long life of wearing parts and low failure rate. It has won high reputation among users and has become the first choice for users.

Description: Weight 2569kg, length 2760mm, impact frequency 300-450b.p.m, chisel dia. 155mm, suitable excavator 28-35 ton

Package Size: 1950*940*1482


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