DTH Hammer 45G DTH01


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DTH Hammer 45G DTH01

Product introduction:

The TRC impactor series products produced by our company are used together with various pneumatic drilling rigs such as CM351 DTH drilling rigs. They are widely used in drilling, blasting holes, and landslide protection in open pit mining, harbor construction, quarry, railway and highway projects. The dam reinforcement and anchoring works are also applied to the drilling of ground source air conditioners and wells.


The impactor produced by the company has the characteristics of excellent energy transmission, high impact efficiency, low gas consumption, low pressure drop and good wear resistance. Its performance and service life have reached the domestic advanced level.


Model No: TRC45G


Air pressure:1.0-2.5MPa

Air consumption:6-15m³/min 


Locking jaw:65*65mm

Acceptable bit: ⌀110-135

Package SIze: 99*114*1053

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