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Advantages of using FM 4880 Approved Panels system from TSSC• TSSC FM Approved panels are highly fire-resistant and contribute to a reductionof the overall fire load• TSSC FM approved panels exhibit limited or no flame spread in case of fire• TSSC FM approved panels are self-extinguishing with limited smoke generation• TSSC FM approved panels safeguard commercial/industrial properties fromfire-related incidents thereby protecting the building envelope• Risk reduction translates into fewer losses and reduced premiums withinsurance companies• Government regulatory bodies look more favorably on FM approved productTSSC PIR panels system have up to 90 minutes fire integrity rating for 100mm andupto 2hrs 47 minutes fire integrity rating for 200mm panels. System specificationare available on request from TSSC sales dept.

TSSC PIRpanels have upto 90 minutesfire rating for100mm and upto 2 hours 47minutes firerating for200mm panels.

Product SpecificationP.E. Protective LayerTop coating, Polyester, Plastisol, PET, Microban, PVDFPrimerZinc CoatingSteel SubstrateZinc CoatingEpoxy BackcoatA wide range of cladding materials is used by TSSC to manufacture insulated panels. Theseinclude:1. Polyester pre-painted galvanized steel2. PVC (Plastisol) coated galvanized steel3. Stainless Steel4. Aluminum (Stucco-embossed or pre-painted)Depending on customer requirements, TSSC also supplies panels manufactured using othercladding materials. The surface profiles of the insulated panels are smooth or ribbed dependingon the requirement.The manufacturing process of the insulated panels involves injection of polyurethane foam athigh pressure between the claddings using a high-pressure mixer. The panels are of standardsizes or are custom made to required sizes.The different kinds of panels used in the construction of a cold room are wall, ceiling andfloor panels. The ceiling and floor panels are manufactured with the same width as the wallpanels. Corner panels are used with wall panels for partitioning in applications where multiplecompartments need to be built.The claddings are formed at the edges in “U” shape to guarantee superior adhesion between thesheet and polyurethane and are shallow ribbed to provide additional strength and dimensionalstability. The floor panels are made strong to withstand uniformly distributed load of up to 2.5tons per square meter. 


Insulated panels are joined together to assemble cold room walls, ceilings and floors in requiredlengths. The panels are tightly secured by the slip joint system for good structural stability.The slip joint is a unique, interlocking, tongue-and-groove joint technology that has been adoptedacross the world for its unsurpassed sealing and waterproofing. It is a well-organized sandwichpanel system that utilizes a male-female action on the longitudinal joint to achieve superiortightness and insulation.Panels slip into place allowing for easy and rapid installation, whilst improving structural strengthand thermal efficiency, offering a clean aesthetical appeal.Insulated panels connected to assemble cold room walls, ceilings and floor are tightly secured bya tongue-and-groove system into a monolithic assembly. For joining the panels, camlocks withsteel hooks are used to lock securely. The camlocks are moulded and permanently anchored inthe injected rigid polyurethane foam core during the manufacture of the sandwich panel.The use of camlocks in connecting the panels makes TSSC cold rooms easily expandable as wellas dismountable, thus allowing easy reassembling at various locations.TSSC also provides an All-Camlock system to connect ceiling to wall and floor towall panels. This provides an easy to assemble connection system, which has a highaesthetic appearance.

FM Global AccreditationTSSC Insulated Composite Panels system for ColdStores, Internal Partitions and Ceilings are certifiedFM Approved for Internal Applications per FMapproval standard 4880. The FM Approved panelssystem can be supplied with PIR insulation.FM Global is world’s leading commercial andindustrial property insurer with a unique focus onLoss Prevention through engineering.. FM Approvalsis known worldwide for its focus on testing andcertifying only those products, which promoteproperty loss prevention. A Class 1 rating from FMApprovals per approval standard #4880 means thatTSSC’s insulated composite panels exhibit limitedfire spread and fuel contribution and may not requirespecial protection such as sprinklers, when thebuilding walls do not exceed listed heights. Yearsof research and engineering on Insulated Sandwichpanels at TSSC followed by a series of rigorouslarge-scale tests at FM Approvals for performanceevaluation in case of Fire and Natural Hazardshave resulted in TSSC obtaining the prestigious FMApproval mark. 

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