Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560 Tablet - 9.6 Inch

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Samsung Galaxy Tab E

SM-T560 Tablet
9.6 Inch

Available on Black / White Color 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM T560 Tablet is all you couldexpect and then a dash more. It is available in a stunning brown color andsports a sophisticated and ergonomic design that looks impeccable and feelsgreat in your hands too. The tablet is versatile and can be used by anyone inyour family. It features a wide 9.6inch TFT display that looks bright andvibrant and even more so when used in Kids Mode. Kids Mode is a mode thatenables your little lad to have fun on your tablet from time to time. This Modereveals new and colorful icons and characters to catch your little one'sattention and is a great way to keep them entertained while still impartingsome knowledge. You can also regulate the duration of time your little one getsto be on the tab and what content is permissible and what is not. The tabletalso features a massive 8GB internal memory that gives you ample of room tostore all your files, such as movies, music, games, apps, and more. The tabletalso features WiFi capability that lets you connect to available wirelessInternet networks in the area. This is great for those who prefer their moviesrunning smoothly to breaking at every scene and their downloads, uploads, andbrowsing to be faster.

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