Russell Hobbs George Foreman Advanced Grill & Melt With Removable Plates

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RUSSELL HOBBS George Foreman Advanced Grill & Melt With Removable Plates 

The versatile George Foreman 22160 Grill and Melt Advanced has everything you could wish for in a grill - patented angled plates designed to channel away excess fat, removable plates for easy cleaning and now an improved top lid which locks open for fast, intense grilling using quartz infrared technology. Grill, melt or both, it’s a fast food solution without the fast food guilt.

The clever locking lid feature includes an intense quartz heating element which turns your George Forman Grill into a conventional grill. You can use it to melt cheese on sandwiches, pizza, garlic bread or tuna melts and it is also suitable for cooking delicate foods such as fish where you don’t want to apply pressure, just radiant heat. In fact most things that make your mouth water can be cooked easily, quickly and cleanly using the grill or contact plates.


1. Cooks Up To Five Portions : Suitable for cooking meat, fish and vegetables for family meals or snacks and open sandwiches.

2. Quartz Infrared Heating Technology in the Top Elevated Lid : Allows you to grill food fast without having to heat up the grill on your oven. The hinge design locks open so there’s no contact with the food.

3. Removes up to 42%* Fat : The patented angled plates are designed to channel fat away from food as it cooks reducing the fat content of meat, burgers and more by up to 42 per cent.

4. Removable Plates for Easy Cleaning : Once you’re plates have cooled down, simply press the release buttons and pop the grill plates in the dishwasher or wash in the sink.

th cord.

5. Top lid automatically locks open for open grilling.

6. Also makes a panini press or sandwich toaster

7. 3 Years Warranty

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