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            :  MBP162

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Motorola WiFi Digital Audio Monitor

Control on smartphones and tablets
Apps on App Store and Google Play
Two-way communication
Sound notifications
Night light
High sensitivity microphone
Put into a wall socket
Motorola MBP162 Connect is the world's first easy-to-use, app-controlled Wi-Fi Baby Audio Monitor. No need for batteries or charging cables because of the wall-plug design. A perfect travel companion. Thanks to the nightlight, two-way communication, and downloadable lullabies you can soothe your child in no time.
The Motorola MBP162 Connect has an unlimited wireless range thanks to Wi-Fi and connects to the secure Hubble app for your smartphone or tablet. Track the sound activity of your child using the App, to make sure you don't miss out on their first words and learn more about their sleeping pattern.

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