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TRUK G14 E Bike


TRUK GT14 ebike is an electric pedal assisted folding bicycle equiped with a 250W brushless motor. The ebike is made of aluminium alloy that keeps the frame strong and light at 19kgs. The ebike can go upto 25 km/h in fully electric and pedal assist modes and the range of the ebike in fully electric mode is 32km and gets doubled to 64km when assisted with pedals. The battery is packaged inside the ebike frame for aesthetic and structural purposes. The battery is a Samsung 36V 1.8Ah Lithium-ion battery with a life of 800 charge cycles. The charging time of the battery is 4-5 hours for a full charge. The ebike comes with strong cable disc brakes that cut off the motor when applied to slow down. The bike comes with a horn, strong front LED headlight, bright rear LED light, a digital display to show speed, distance, battery level and gear mode.


SPEED: 25 kmph in electric and pedal a ssist m odes

RANGE: 32km in electric and 64 km in p edal a ssist mode

BATTERY: Full charge in 4 hours, 800 charge cycles battery life, Samsung 36 V 1.8 Ah Lithium ion MOTOR: 250W motor packaged inside rear wheel hub

BRAKES: Mechanical disc brakes with simultaneous motor cut off

USER INTERFACE: LCD user interface showing speed, distance, battery level, gear mode, trip time and controls for LED headlight, electric mode, walk mode and phone charging USB port

HEADLIGHT: Bright LED headlight and rear light HORN: Bike equipped with horn

WEIGHT: 19 kg bike weight

FRAME: 14” aluminium alloy foldable frame

SADDLE: Soft and comfortable saddle suited for long rides

WHEELS: Stab resistant tyres and magnesium alloy rims

 Storage Instructions:

Avoid sun Heat Water. and avoid complete draingae of battery"

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