Burberry - My Burberry Black EDT 90ml

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Burberry - My Burberry Black EDT 90ml

My Burberry Black perfume, an Eau de Toilette by Burberrythat is undeniable & sensual with that flowery scent on a rainy winter day. 

My Burberry black perfume encapsulates a fragrancecomposition of Jasmine, peach and rose with a final touch at the base of theperfume blend with patchouli and amber to complete the charm of the fragrance'saroma. 

Inspired by the Burberry trech coat buttons, this perfume'sbottle is a given that elegant darker shade, with a chic touch that is providedby the hand-tied black knot below the lid.

A very high quality addition to the perfume's collection ofany stylish urban lady.

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