General Director Speech

The trade movement witnesses an escalating development throughout the documented history, starting from silent trade through the exchange of commodities and then the emergence of coins and paper currency.

The world later turned to different marketing and payment systems, where banking systems played the greater role. Today, most businesses start using   E-commerce and its portals as a key passageway towards a new phase. Such phase is characterized by the use of computer systems, online networks and Bulletin Board System (BBS). In addition, the sales processes expanded to include commercial advertising and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This is accompanied by advancement of the techniques of financial movements and ensuring their security.

E-commerce targeted Business to Business (B2B) trade, Business to Consumer (B2C) trade and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) trade. In the last few years, E-commerce occupied an advanced position, as it globally reached 3.8 trillion Dollars in 2016 between companies and consumers.

For this reason, El Gaysoni Portal had to catch up with the development in this field by launching an e-commerce platform that adopts the concept of continuous development and innovation. El Gaysoni aims at supporting e-commerce globally together with its customers, especially in the Gulf region and the Middle East.

We studied the available opportunities and consulted with a large number of specialists, thinkers and experts. In addition, we studied the experiences that have not been successful in order to draw the lessons learned.

The platform establishment and development was assigned to Nerva Group, an Emirati company, as a challenge to prove the capabilities of regional companies in this field. Nerva Group has made a much appreciated effort since its first day in order to create the platform as required.
it is an output of hard professional work that we are blessed to offer you. We pledge to continue improving and developing the platform through your support represented in your opinions and advice's. We also look forward to your support in communicating through our available social networking portals.

Many thanks to all those who supported the idea and the project.


General Director