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Mattajir.Net & The Factories & Corporate Sector

Most of the e-commerce platforms focused on the retail sector and customer service.The attention was focused on many sectors, the most important of which are: electronics, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, children stuff, and homeware. In addition to the traditional sectors, Mattajir.Net has allocated a vast space for suppliers and factories in the fields of:

  1. Machinery and equipment
  2. Building materials
  3. Production inputs
  4. Infrastructure materials
  5. Agricultural products

In order to be a pioneering platform in improving the opportunities of marketing via the internet for the wholesale sector in the Gulf and Middle East.

Mattajir aims at becoming number one platform in the wholesale sector in the region.


Mattajir.Net & The Free Marketing Services

Mattajir.Net has provided the service of registration for individuals and companies as shoppers in the platform for free. It has also initially provided the service of registration in the platform for free for factories and suppliers of various commodities (for the year 2018-2019).

Under the free registration, shoppers are entitled to enjoy all services of shopping, shipping, delivery and after-sales services. In addition, suppliers enjoy marketing services for their products besides advertising and promotion through online marketing. This also includes provision of advertising materials at the expense of Mattajir.Net

Mattajir.Net aims at providing the largest diverse online market in the region by facilitating registration and subscription procedures.

*The terms and conditions shall be applied.


Influencers Marketing

The people consume content is developed. In order to attract the attention of the masses who spend more time staring at their phones than on television, companies and brands must change their marketing approach to marketing through influencers. This reinforces the ability of social networking sites to showcase brand products and services and deliver them to thousands or Even millions, so Marketing through influencers Is one of the most effective ways companies can use them to target an active audience and increase brand awareness.


Method to Build up Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

In the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher on the page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. Website optimization may target various types of pursuit, including picture seek, neighborhood look, video inquiry and industry-explicit vertical web indexes. This gives a site web proximity.
This are the 2 types of Traffic:

1. Paid Traffic

2. Organic or SEO Traffic

Despite everything we trusted that all types of paid traffic are essential (particularly amid the testing and start-up periods of a business) and keeping in mind that regardless we utilize every one of these techniques in organizations today, here are two reasons why there is a move in the main part of our concentration back to Website optimization:

#1: Organic Traffic Is Growing…

#2: Organic Traffic Is FREE!

So when it all comes down to it, getting ranked is really only about doing three things:

1. Getting a quality and original content 

2. Generating handful quality of the links

3. Generating human activity so Google knows that what you are doing is real and not just spam of fake!

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


10 Ways in Making Extra Money Online

1. Online Sale or Sale Products Online
    Many people fancy themselves as business man or women. If you have a unique idea for a new product or Items then it may be time to get it online and open up a page for a starter. This can be a perfect platform from which you sell from. You can sells as independent suppliers with a different range of categories of products like Clothes, accessories, collectibles or our daily needs.

2. Social Media Marketing
    This method are many categories such us Social Media Strategist, SEO optimization, Social Media Management and many more. If you know the basic tools of this method you know how to promote your services and to showcase your work. However constantly posting, liking and commenting on the numerous social media channels is extremely time consuming. Once you have the experience with this it is more easier to manage your time to market your clients account.

3. Travel Blog
    This is one of the hardest industry to break into with. However, the reward for this can be worth it. who doesn't want to be paid while traveling around the world! There are so many ways to monetize a travel blog. Do an affiliate marketing and focus predominantly to your blog, promote a Hotel, tours and Hire services, flight or anything else that is travel related. Then proceeds as your audience and book their holidays based on your recommendation.

4. Ecommerce
    Ecommerce is one of the hottest ways online to make money through selling. Products or services on the internet can be profitable venture but you may want to create your own products through eCommerce or sell other peoples goods with a range of different online platforms. 

5. Virtual Assistant or Online PA
    Many of the small or big business man using Virtual Assistant or Online PA on running their day to day administrative task. Virtual Assistant perform a variety of task that a traditional assistant or secretary would normally do. They regularly interact with the client by Skype, Phone or by email and It usually depends on their level of Expertise in their overall experience and performance.
6. Website Design
    If you have experience of creating a website this is your call then you could offer your services as a freelance web designer. You just need to create your own stylish website and have a few projects to show to your potential clients and to demonstrate your skills. Web designing is usually a project base work but you can offer to maintain their website for a monthly fee basis. This can be guarantee a regular pay.

7. Landing Page Design
    In promoting terms, a greeting page is a particular page on your site that is worked for one single change objective. It's a page inside your site worked with a one significant "Solicit" that encourages the conversion from that objective. Some web based showcasing would even propose your presentation page ought to be totally particular from whatever is left of your site.

8. Tech Blogs
    - One of my most loved kind of Blog is the "tech blog". Presently this isn't something new to blog about, as Tech bloggers have been blogging about innovation news and device audits in detail online since the start of the web, try to have your very own interpretation of tech and don't simply pursue the pattern. One territory which hasn't generally been secured explicitly is eco tech, so something to consider. Possibly a blog explicitly covering tech went for winding up more environmentally conscious. 

9. Online Marketing Consultant
    Why not set yourself up as a Marketing Online Consultant. If you have experience in Marketing, there are many businessman are looking for a Freelance Business Marketing Consultant to get opinions, strategies or asking for advise on changes and improvements on getting their projects on the ground and all your jobs will be paid of for. 

10. Banner and Logo Design 
    Banners and Logos are a significant piece of any business, a gifted visual creator can deliver an eye catching logos for an incredible interest of businessman. In spite of the fact that they are a significant number of them in the internet, pitching your services to business will empower you to request a superior cost for your work.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates



Online Shopping is a lot simpler and more advantageous than battling with the groups on the High Street. Be that as it may, there are tricks and mix-ups to keep away from, yet furnished with our manual for more secure internet shopping, then you'll be fine.

1. Purchase shabby but good quality: purchase twice. Try not to be driven by cost alone. Do your examination and include a couple of things in a different shopping bins on various locales. You don't have to purchase all that you require from a similar shop; don't be driven by accommodation. You are responsible for what you need to purchase and Make sure the website is secure.

2. Payment using Credit Card: secure it, when buying on the web, be aware of the sorts of data being gathered. Scammers must not be able to get hold of your bank details. Keep in mind, you just need to round out required fields at checkout.

Payment using Cash: Now a days many eCommerce stores using COD or Cash on Delivery so no need to think twice just be smart on buying if the deal looks too good to be true then probably it is.

3. Pursue web journals and your most loved retailers online and join them. Stay up to date with the latest with what your most loved brands are pitching as the best patterns of the season and new item release. With the Mobile Data, WIFI or Hotspots, you’ll have the capacity to do this wherever you are the point at which you're out on the town or in your home while relaxing.

4. Know your rights and the company’s returns policy. Read their Terms and Condition.

5. Stick to destinations that offer Free Shipping both ways and purchase additional items. You can purchase a similar piece in numerous sizes to guarantee that you get an ideal fit. Truly, you should restore the stuff you would prefer not to keep, however regularly you can return things purchased online specifically to the store if that is more advantageous than managing shipping. Simply ensure you read those Return Policies cautiously before making purchases.

6. Create a unique Account and Password - Having separate passwords for each record frustrates cyber-criminals or Hackers. At least, separate your work and individual records and ensure that your basic records have the most grounded passwords.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


Make a Healthy Life Style

A sound way of life is one which keeps and enhance your wellbeing and prosperity. There are a wide range of things that you can do to carry on with a sound way of life, for example, eating healthy, being physically dynamic, keeping up a solid gauge, and dealing with your pressure. Be that as it may, a solid way of life isn't just about smart dieting and exercise, it likewise about dealing with the "entire you" – your physical, mental, passionate, and profound prosperity. Also, that implies dealing with you from the back to front. Being aware of your eating routine, physical movement and feelings of anxiety enables you to adequately adjust all parts of your life and the "entire you".

This are the following crucial things you can do to carry on with a sound way of life:

Drink more water every day. Did you realize that over 60% of our body is comprised of water? Water is expected to do body capacities, expel waste, and bear supplements and oxygen to our body. Since we lose water each day through pee, defecations, sweat and breathing, we have to renew our water admission. Since nourishment consumption contributes about 20% of our liquid admission, that implies we have to drink around 8-10 glasses per day to remain hydrated.

Appreciate a lot of products of the soil. All the natural products contain bunches of nutrients and minerals. However much as could be expected, you ought to expend your nutrients and minerals through your everyday diet. Fulfill your sense of taste with these nutritious natural products: Watermelon, Apricots, Avocado, Apple, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Guava, Papaya, Strawberries and more.

Decrease salt and sugar consumption. Watch out for those with salt/sugar in the initial 5 fixings and go for natural sustenance however much as could be expected. Prepared nutritional food that are most nourishment

Stop smoking or if you can avoid it because smoking can severely increase your risk of lung cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer, heart attack, and more. Smoking light cigarettes do not decrease health risks either. If you do smoke, stop now and do it not only for yourself but also your family and friends.

Start change the way of your life and make it simpler to keep up that significant changes presented to you. For three days, you could record the nourishment's and beverages we devour for the duration of the day, and make a note of the measure of development you made. It won't be hard to spot where we could move forward too. Have an awareness for the development of your body.


Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


How to Become Fashionable?

A stylish person goes beyond clothes while fashion is all about clothing. It is your clothing choices to enhance your lifestyle and confident.

Be certain!
No one will need to be you if everything you do is gaze at the floor! Do your own research about Fashion and start to be one of them. Looking fashionable is all about playing with extent and differentiation.

Be stylish. ...
Anybody can be beautiful, yet on the off chance that you need to be "stylish" you gotta play the name diversion probably a portion of the time and those small interlocking Brand are an in vogue win inevitably. Without a doubt, you could wear another lofty brand, however it's not the equivalent. No doubt the most famous form name there is. It can't be beat. One Branded bangle or match of shades has more form cred than some top of the line planner satchels and will likely remain up-to-date long after those packs move toward becoming old fashioned.

Be organised:
Keep your things slick: don't lose them. Have an astounding room: No issue how little it is you can make it look greater and cooler. ... Creating an impression and making a very much characterized look and no other adornment does that very like a decent cap. Plan for everything, don't let your day catch you off-guard.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


Basic Types of Weight Trainings:

Quadriceps (front of thigh)

                - The thigh has three sets of strong muscles: the hamstring muscles in the back of the thigh, the quadriceps muscles in the front, and the adductor muscles on the inside. The quadriceps muscles and hamstring muscles work together to straighten (extend) and bend (flex) the leg.

Squat - Squats can be performed utilizing just the expert's body weight. For weighted squats, a free weight is regularly utilized, in spite of the fact that the expert may rather hold hand weights, portable weights, or other weighted articles. People awkward performing free-weight squats may utilize a Smith machine or hack squat machine

Leg press – Leg Press Machine - The leg press is a load preparing exercise in which the individual pushes a load or obstruction far from them utilizing their legs. The term leg press likewise alludes to the mechanical assembly used to play out this activity. The leg press can be utilized to assess a competitor's general lower body quality (from knee joint to hip).

Deadlift - Dumbbells, barbell, trap bar or Smith machine - The deadlift is a load preparing exercise in which a stacked free weight or block is lifted off the ground to the dimension of the hips, at that point brought down to the ground. It is one of the three powerlifting works out, alongside the squat and seat press.

Leg extension - Dumbbell, cable machine or leg extension machine - The leg extension is a resistance weight training exercise that targets the quadriceps muscle in the legs. The exercise is done using a machine called the Leg Extension Machine.

Wall sit - Body weight, wall or other flat vertical surface, exercise ball placed behind the back is optional as well - Is an activity done to fortify the quadriceps muscles. It is portrayed by the two right points shaped by the body, one at the hips and one at the knees. The individual divider sitting spots their back against a divider with their feet bear width separated and a little route out from the divider.

Hamstrings (back of legs)

            - It's a gathering of three muscles that keep running along the back of your thigh. They enable you to twist your leg at the knee. Amid a hamstring strain, at least one of these muscles gets over-burden. ... The muscles in the front of your thigh (the quadriceps) are tight as they pull your pelvis forward and fix the hamstrings.

Leg curl - Dumbbell, cable machine or leg curl machine - The leg curl, otherwise called the hamstring twist, is a seclusion practice that objectives the hamstring muscles. The activity includes flexing the lower leg against obstruction towards the posterior. Different activities that can be utilized to fortify the hamstrings are the glute-ham raise and the deadlift.

Stiff - Legged Deadlift - It is one of the three powerlifting exercises, along with the squat and bench press.

Calves   - This exercise frequently done in a seated position for comfort it is also performed from a seated position while the weight rests on the upper leg, just above the knee. It can also be executed by using a weight, such as a barbell, to provide resistance to the action of the calf muscles.

Seated calf raises - Barbell or seated calf raise machine; can also be done on a leg press machine


Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


Fitness Time (All About Muscle and Fitness)

Fitness is characterized as the condition of being physically fit and sound. ... 

Being fit methods physical wellbeing, as well as passionate and psychological wellness, as well. It characterizes each part of your wellbeing. Shrewd eating and dynamic living are key to wellness.
Muscle Fitness implies having muscles that can lift heavier items or muscles that will work longer before getting to be depleted. Muscle Fitness enhances when an individual does exercises that fabricate or look after muscles(quality) or that expansion to what extent an individual can utilize his or her muscles (perseverance).

Tips for Best Exercises for Men
•    Core - Half-Kneeling Rotational Cable Chop. ...
•    Quads - Barbell Front Squat with Heels Elevated. ...
•    Shoulders - Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Bottom-Up Kettlebell Press. ...
•    Glutes - Barbell Hip Thrust.
•    Hamstrings - Barbell Straight-Leg Deadlift
•    Biceps - Dumbbell Incline Curl. ...
•    Chest - Neutral-Grip Dumbbell Bench Press. ...
•    Triceps - Dumbbell Floor Press. ...

Having a Healthy lifestyle must eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, exercise regularly and avoid drugs and alcohol to be more physically fit all the time.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates



Fashion is the ideal method to demonstrate or people will see your remarkable qualities to the world. Individuals with great sense of style focus on the shading, cut, and texture of their garments. The choices are perpetual! They test it to discover what garments compliments their figure and express your real or true identity. All things considered, extraordinary design will be the style that is genuinely your own!

Research the New Trends/Style

  • Try not to be reluctant to go for a mix a couple of styles, for instance like a punk or a valley young lady. Set a few parameters to help manage your style that will look good on you and you can also ask help for some friend to find new style or trends that is fit with you.

Plan your own style

  • Go out and make a window shopping. Check every Shop that’s having a nice catchy outfit. This will give you a thought of what's in style/trends at the present time, and will allow you to perceive what things you like and abhorrence.

Be aware of Branded clothes

  • You don't have to shop by a known brand only. The most imperative principle of having style is to not be characterized by names. You don't have to wear Prada or Louis Vuitton be an upscale individual. It's not what you wear or you dress, but rather how you wear it and carry yourself and your comfortable with what you wear in front of your friends or other people.

Think of your own style

  • Utilize the present patterns to manage your design not direct it. Wear what you need not over design it. Consider what it is you need individuals to pick up from your style. What does your outfit say to an outsider on the corner? Remember these as you outline a few thoughts regarding your style. And always remember loving yourself for who you are is the best thing you can self-claim.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


Social Media Strategy 2019

Everyday there is new trends in the market, especially in Social Media and why is it so important to our Business? Because it takes advantage of social networking to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. The goal is usually to create content compelling enough that users will share it with their social networks.

This are some of the Social Media Strategies or format that can be used for your daily activity.

1. Social listening:

Social listening (monitoring) is the act of crawling the web and social media platforms to find all mentions of a brand (or any other keywords). The current primary goals of social listening are customer service and reputation management, even though there are, of course, many others.

1. Untagged brand mentions
2. Social Media
3. Mentions of Industry keywords
4. Interest to buy a product
5. Mentions on Blogs
6. Forums
7. News sites/Podcast

2. Video content:

Every year, video content continues to grow, and in 2019, video content is expected to once again dominate the market. In fact, according to some experts, 80% of what we consume online will soon be video content. Live videos increase the perceived trustworthiness and relevance of a brand, and it’s a trend that you don't want to ignore.


3. Used Micro-influencers:

Social media influencers have become a major trend in the market.  A micro influencer campaign is easy to execute, someone who has an audience within the follower range of 2,000 followers up until about 50,000 followers on a particular social media channel, usually comprised of a focused passion, topic or niche market.
Easy to use, free and paid online platforms, enable in-house marketers to take the lead.


4. Personalization:

Content, products, emails - all of it can now be based on the consumer’s purchase history, clicked links, social media posts, and other behavior., for example, notifies you about deals in the locations you’ve been to, Netflix offers shows to watch based on your taste, Amazon and eBay show products similar to the ones you’ve bought before. And this is before you even consider Google and Facebook - they know us inside and out, and use this information to make our experience personalized.


5. Timeliness:

This is because social media never sleeps - customers continue to use your products, talk about them online, and buy new items at any
given moment.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


Start Your Own Business at Home


How do you want to start a new business in your home?

One of the secrets to success is not to stop halfway through your business plan or a process as so many people do. What if, you starting today and you weren't afraid of failure that your business will be not succeed? Then we must all overcome fears of failure and rejection to be successful and achieve what we want, no one stopping you to start your own now. This are the tips for your new journey as Online Entrepreneur.

1. Buy products in bulk and sell them online – Think of your home as an initial showroom that can be used temporarily. Many of the businesses online are on the simple concept of importing products in bulk and selling them individually for a profit. And if these products are relatively easy to store and ship, you may have a solid home-based business idea on your hands.

2. Start Selling Homemade Products - Consider your hobby into a business. Regardless of whether you need to make your items somewhere else—in a studio, business kitchen, or workshop—you might probably store them and move them in your own home. Selling your Creation is an incredible method to impart your enthusiasm to other people and profit as well. Simply be careful about controls concerning items that clients ingest or put on their skin.

- Art work

- Food

- Customized Product

3. Start with Dropshipping - Your Dropshipping provider can be nearby or abroad, however you have to guarantee you discover a provider that you can trust to convey a reliably incredible client experience after the deal. Continue to do your due persistence or you may put your business reputation in danger. This can make your product as a rule with constrained chances to mark your client experience.

4. Increase your Audience or Viewers - Building a loyal group of onlookers requires persistence, consistency, and core interest. This isn't the least demanding approach to begin a locally situated business, particularly not for the time being, however in case you're ready to fabricate a chasing after something you adore it very well may be a standout amongst the most satisfying and persisting, giving you the adaptability to seek after numerous income streams without a moment's delay.

5. Use Social Media and SEO - Social media marketing and SEO are two tightly interwoven strategies that present your brand uniquely and consistently, using this method is one of the trends in the market now. This will also increase your online visibility and traffic to your website or page and increased authority and brand recognition.


Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


Guide on How to Market Products Online


  1. Create a Facebook Page and Post your Products Daily – In making your Cover image you should express who you are as a business and your Page visitors should understand what your business is all about at one glance. Post regularly so that it can help you stay on track with the visitors and viewers on your page and makes the process easier to manage.
  2. Start Blogging and posting with other Social Media Platform – This are some of the top social media platform Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. Promoting a product is one of the most difficult parts of starting a new business specially if you don’t have audiences. Create your own blog to drive traffic and promote your products. In the event that you don't have your very own locale developed, you either need to pay to direct people to your site, or tap into another person's gathering of people until you have your own.
  3. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - In spite of the fact that it requires a significant stretch of time to get moving on the track, look for an offer and one of only a handful couple of chances to assemble unsurprising, exacerbating is a web traffic. Start from forming a keyword strategy, to conducting more natural keyword research then start optimizing your products and you will see the performance that is set to you.
  4. Hunt for Products Online – Looking for a correct product is a prominent goal and network for individuals who love finding new items. In spite of the fact that applications and programming are more prevalent than different enterprises, you'll routinely observe physical items show up on the first page. This normally implies strangely adjustable items, new goes up against a current item class, or items that are stylishly novel. Ware items or day by day buys aren't an incredible fit.
  5. Run a Contest or Giving Gift and Voucher for buyers - Challenges are a simple and reasonable approach to get your image before many individuals. By giving ceaselessly your item, you can ensure your challenge gets before the correct sort of individuals: potential clients. There is also a couple of key errors to maintain a strategic distance when running a challenge to advance your business. Ensure the stage, planning, informing, and means of individual needs to take on to participate in your challenge are well thoroughly considered.


Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


Five E-Commerce Trends:

1. B2B eCommerce growth will accelerate - B2B eCommerce as a Growth Opportunity. A large portion of us have separately occupied with eCommerce somehow and are probably going to make increasingly online exchanges in the coming years. We know B2C eCommerce personally and appreciate the simplicity of discovering extraordinary items, consistent administrations, and quick conveyance.

2. Influencer Marketing Keep Driving Sales - Influencer advertising is an effective promoting technique to drive offers of your item or administration, anyway there must be a key and information driven way to deal with. And also, an effective influencer promoting methodology requires cautious arranging. These worksheets are utilized to make techniques for a significant number of our clients. They'll direct you well ordered through the way toward building up a strong influencer showcasing technique for your image.

3. More Custom Retail Experiences - Regardless of whether it is a disconnected affair or on the web, retailers are starting to understand what is the best. Furthermore, considerably increasingly easier ones there is a consistently developing potential in retail to make a genuinely uncommon, custom shopping knowledge. If retailers can provide more relevant experiences, custom produced for a small upcharge and turnaround this time.

4. Chatbots will turn to a standard piece of the eCommerce toolbox - Chatbot is a PC program that recreates discussion with human clients to finish a type of administration. Other chatbot converses with clients about what they'd like to buy from the store. Chatbots for online business organizations are ordinarily intended to: Complete purchasers’ buyers.

5. Analytics Platforms continue to Evolve - Analytics Platform stage is a brought together and legitimate arrangement intended to address the requests of clients, particularly expansive information driven organizations, on the insufficiency of social database the board frameworks [RDBMS] in giving relevant broke down information out of all the put away data. This platform is especially helpful in applications involving large, complex data sets and analytical processes that require a high degree of monitoring and interaction.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates



Content creation is the most important element to any social media campaign. Because of this we aim to create original content that is representative of your brand. We plan smaller scale substance to be dispersed on your web-based life channels. It is utilized for the sole motivation behind connecting with your web-based life fans and devotees.

  •  is about the entire process, including the way you distribute and promote that content. Online life showcasing is content promoting. It's made of similar things: pictures, video, duplicate, methodology, and narrating. The distinctions are the arrangements of substance and the stages.

This are some tips to be guided on creating a content:

  • Don't be afraid to be brief: ...
  • Use extra punctuation: ...
  • Tell people what to expect: ...
  • Check your spelling and grammar: ...
  • Don't forget your context.
  • Skip unnecessary words.
  • Avoid jargon and gobbledygook.
  • Avoid the passive tense and needless repetition.
  • Use images so people will know what product you selling

    Characterize Your Goals. Extraordinary substance is done for a particular reason, and this reason should be defined. Listen to them, to your customers you will see the difference and conceptualize the vision of your content.

Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates


What is an eCommerce Platform? 
It is a product innovation arrangement that enables you to fabricate retail facades [ a customer facing facade is any client or business confronting recommendation identifying with the selling of items and administrations] 

Online business stages are a product application that enables online organizations to deal with their site, deals and tasks and Big-commerce offer the ground-breaking highlights expected to maintain a business, while likewise coordinating with basic business instruments empowering organizations to incorporate their activities and maintain their business their way.
Building eCommerce Platform:

-    Website in Store 
-    Facebook store 
-    Mobile app 
-    Call Center

Regardless of whether you're growing a physical store, hoping to switch arrangements, or notwithstanding beginning a business without any preparation, your decision of web-based business stage will have a huge effect and the gainfulness and dependability of your business. 
Vital web-based business stage highlights:

-    Worked in essential web-based business highlights including advancements and limits, examination, inventory the executives, what you see is what you get editors, and so on.
-    Broad application commercial center brimming with pre-manufactured incorporation's with standout specialist organizations
-    Portable advanced site, checkout and full understanding (out of the case) and completely adjustable.
-    Search engine optimization highlights and completely adjustable URLs all through the site.
-    Social Media Integration for your advertising need is a must if you want top capture more audiences.


Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
Mattajir.Net l United Arab Emirates



                           B2B eCommerce represents business to business electronic trade and alludes to online exchanges between organizations, regularly including discount wholesalers pitching items to retail purchasers. Makers may likewise offer straightforwardly to retailers through B2B eCommerce. It is selling items or administrations between organizations through the web by means of an online deals gateway. When all is said in done, it is utilized to improve effectiveness for organizations.

                          The B2B, or business-to-business, deals process essentially alludes to the arrangement of occasions, stages, or steps that happen when one business sells an item or administration to another business, henceforth the name. The B2B deals process applies to generally fields. 

                           Enhancing your B2B deals process makes an interpretation of straightforwardly into more deals and more income. Consider it as the better you get at showing your item and drawing in potential customers, the more gives you close, expanding deals and your main concern.

                           This progression is simpler now than any time in recent memory with the accessibility of business data on the web. Since you realize your item superior to anybody, you likewise know which organizations need your item. Get your work done and get comfortable with the ventures and organizations of your potential prospects. When you comprehend your identity endeavoring to pitch to, you can connect and endeavor to set up a gathering.

                           Utilizing the data, you've accumulated from your magnificently worded inquiries, search for chances to show your prospect something that will profit them. The trap here is to educate without referencing your very own administration or item. It might sound and even feel illogical to give away data with no desire for something consequently, yet recall, you are endeavoring to set up an affinity. Presenting a no surprises tip demonstrates you really need to help and think about something beyond getting the deal.

                           B2B deals process takes practice to be perfect. Remember that each arrangement and association is another opportunity to streamline your business procedure. Put time and vitality into refining every one, and don't be hesitant to make changes where required.


Norwina Gabuat
eCommerce Specialist
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There are three dimensions to Facebook's campaign structure: battle, promotion set and advertisement. Battle: A campaign contains at least one advertisement sets and promotions. You'll pick one promoting objective for every one of your campaign.
Some says you can post to Facebook two times per day before preferences and remarks drop off. Consistent Contact says to post on Facebook at least three times each week while keeping your greatest presenting recurrence on 10 times each week. But most of the Social Media users says two Facebook posts for every day as a base function admirably to build your span.

Steps on How to create ads, check out below.

Dynamic Product Ads

  • Dynamic product ads allow you to re-target potential customers with the exact product they were viewing.
  • Each Ad is automatically tailored to the potential customer
  • Easy to manage and extremely powerful in certain situations.

What You Will Learn

  • Upload your product catalog
  • Configure your product sets
  • Create and launch your Dynamic Re-targeting Ad

Facebook Re-targeting

  • Product Must be Appealing
  • Not Saturated
  • Variants Must Less
  • If the Product Improves Confidence, Convenience or Saves Time and Money?
  • Product Must have YouTube Videos
  • Mine audience insights. Facebook's Audience Insights is one of the best tools you have at your disposal.
  • Create unique ad sets for each audience.
  • Establish a bid strategy and budget.

Best Times to Post on Facebook

  • Specifically, 12-1 p.m. is prime time on Saturday and Sunday.
  • During the week, the same goes for Wednesday at 3 p.m., as well as Thursday and Friday between 1-4 p.m.

SEO each of the products

  • Bookmarking
  • Ad Posting
  • Ping and Back-link

Facebook Groups

  • Join on Groups
  • Post on Groups

Setting up the Collection (Sample)

(each passion has two different collection)

  • Fishing (Free + Shipping)
  • Fishing (Retail)
  • Hunting (Free + Shipping)
  • Hunting (Retail)

Moderation Tool

Things to be Hide

  • Negative Feedback
  • Competitor Keywords
  • Money Keywords
  • Shipping goods
  • Order status Keywords

Generally, it takes from 2 hours to 48 hours to support your Ad, however I know here and there it takes longer. Likewise, it's imperative to know, that Ads could be looked into dependent on changes, time or misuse reports from clients.

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                    While Instagram might be more youthful, with less clients, than its parent organization Facebook, Instagram is the breakout star of the family who everybody needs to sit beside at the Thanksgiving table. Instagram gives a stage to recount visual stories through different promotion groups, and numerous sponsors have seen this direct yielding higher ROI in contrast with their other publicizing efforts.

                     Also, Instagram has having one billion clients as of today. This implies on the off chance that you can get your Instagram advertisement battle perfectly, you can without much of a stretch lift your lead age and increment your income.

                     Obviously, the reason Instagram advertisement battles are so fruitful isn't just about pretty pictures (in spite of the fact that they unquestionably help). For your advertisements to be effective, there are a couple of different things you have to get precisely right once you have your picture or video arranged.


  • Awareness - Basically, brand mindfulness is the level of a brand's awareness in the psyches of its objective clients. They're doing it to keep their objective clients mindful of their brands which in the long run drives deals at last.
  • Consideration – This stage your focused-on individual assesses the issue, its earnestness, how it tends to be explained, and whether it actually should be unraveled without further ado. You will likely demonstrate to them all the manners in which their concern can be explained, how advantageous it will be for them and how you and your item can help.
  • Goal – Goals should fit into and bolster your general business objectives. Much the same as some other objective, showcasing goals ought to be quantifiable. Objectives must be explicit and reasonable also. Your Goals are the structure squares of your promoting plan, the beginning stage of the arrangement.
  • Limited Audience Targeting - Audience targeting allows you to be more accurate when choosing who sees your ads. Extending your reach and effectiveness with audience targeting can demonstrate your advertisements to explicit gatherings of people dependent on their identity, their interests and propensities, what they're effectively investigating, or how they have cooperated with your business.
  • Different types of Instagram ads:
  • Photograph Promotions
  • Video advertisements
  • Carousel Ads
  • Slide Shows Ads
  • Stories Ads

If you have all off the above guide then you are ready to start Advertising On Instagram


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According to Twitter Statistic 2019:

This measurement demonstrates a course of events with the measure of month to month dynamic Twitter clients around the world. As of the final quarter of 2018, the smaller scale blogging administration found the middle value of at 321 million months to month dynamic clients. There are over 69 million Twitter users in the US. Roughly 46% of Twitter users are on the platform daily. The total number of Twitter users in the UK is 13 million.

These individuals visit the channel from everywhere throughout the world, searching for the most recent news and updates from their most loved brands. That implies that in case you're not officially dynamic on Twitter, you could be passing up some genuine leads.

This step by step instructions to utilize Twitter viably, to enable them to develop their business. Planning tweets and ensuring that you utilize two or three hashtags with each post doesn't imply that you're an ace of Twitter.

Use Visual in your Tweets:

This is an incredible precedent on how you can shake up the crowd that is utilized to a specific tone or substance from your tweets, catch their eye and make them quit looking over. When they stop almost certainly, they will tap on or even retweet.

Enhance product awareness:

Get influencers to show your craft or other item. Welcoming influencers into your specialty is an extraordinary method to build brand mindfulness and ideally drive deals. Use SEO and Google AdSense for auto ads.

Understand how to use the #Hashtags:

            A word or expression gone before by a hashtag (#), utilized inside a message to distinguish a watchword or theme of intrigue and encourage a look for it. At whatever point a client adds a hashtag to their post, it's ready to be ordered by the informal community and winds up accessible by different clients.


Use multimedia to boost engagement:

            A standout amongst the best approaches to expand web-based life commitment is to include your clients and transform them into brand advocates. When you share client created content via web-based networking media, you accomplish a couple of advantages. Above all else, you're giving supporters evidence that your current clients love your items.


Tweet Regularly:

If you want maximum engagement per tweet you ought to have at least one post for each day and preferably five presents for each day on boosting your imperceptibility in the Twitter verse.

Twitter currently enables you to plan tweets legitimately from the site. You have to agree to accept an advertisements account. This is free and accompanies no commitment, yet it has one irritating downside; they will send you email after email attempting to get you to utilize advertisements.

Know Your limits:

Twitter says you can just convey 1,000 tweets for each day. That incorporates retweets. Also, Twitter separates this day by day limit into semi-hourly interims, so accounts can't post in excess of a specific number of times each hour or thereabouts.

Also twitter currently enables you to send direct messages with up to 10,000 characters. The limit used to be 140 equivalents to standard tweets. In May 31 2013 – Twitter refreshes the quantity of Twitter records you can have and the quantity of individuals you can follow in each rundown.

See what people are saying and join the conversation.

Happy Twitting

 Norwina Gabuat
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Online Business Marketing Strategy

Why is online marketing strategy being important to your business?

Online Marketing strategy is, somehow or another, like showcasing some other business since you should comprehend your clients and what the client is searching for that your online business can give. If you’re an entrepreneur endeavoring to contend in the major alliances this step is part of your success cause a strong online marketing strategy will help you boost your business. 

Like a solid web-based advertising procedure will enable you to support your business. These advanced procedures have been demonstrated to help organizations improve their execution. In the event that you utilize them you could be end route to making a solid web showcasing technique that causes you gets more clients and hold new ones.

These are some steps to a Marketing Plan:

  • Website:

    Why makes a website. A website is your most useful asset for correspondence. A website is a special method to associate with the world. Regardless of whether you make a site to share your energy for music, educate individuals of your business, sell items, or some other reason—there are no limits to what you can do! So, create one for your business to gain more consumers.
  • Social Networking:

    Social Platforms help you associate with your clients, increment mindfulness about your image, and lift your leads and deals. Within excess of three billion individuals around the globe utilizing online life consistently, it's no passing pattern.

    This idea amplifies benefits for the association and makes a long-haul association with clients. It energizes creating items that advantage society in long run and fulfills shoppers.
  • Online Advertising:

    Online advertising will line up with the manner in which customers settle on acquiring choices, and empowers you to fabricate relations with clients and prospects through standard, minimal effort customized correspondence, mirroring the move far from mass promoting.

    These points of interest of Internet Marketing empowers advertisements focusing on dependent on various factors, for example, sex, age, area, premium and leisure activities. Publicizing and promoting effort could be focused by separating these statistic factors.
  • Email Marketing:

    Email Marketing is essential for structure associations with prospects, drives, current clients, and even past clients since it allows you to talk straightforwardly to them, in their inbox, during an era that is helpful for them.

    Email marketing is also one of the best ways to showcase your product, promoting your items or administrations by email can be a quick, adaptable and financially savvy method for achieving new clients and holding existing clients. An email will enable you to make focused on and customized messages. This can assist you with building important associations with your clients. 
  • SEO

    Clients trust SEO and having a nearness in the top positions for the catchphrases the client is looking, builds the site's trust. Search engine optimization is useful for the social advancement of your site.
    SEO help small entrepreneurs to make quick, strong, and easy to use sites that rank higher in web indexes, which thusly conveys progressively qualified potential clients to their locales and in the long run builds transformation rates

      Happy Reading And Be Progressive

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What is LinkedIn Marketing


LinkedIn is not only for experts and occupation searchers. From making associations with producing leads, setting up organizations and making better brand awareness, LinkedIn makes a priceless expansion to your advanced showcasing technique.

Not like other web-based life showcasing stages, for example, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; there, organizations have direct access to buyers that they can without much of a stretch market to with notices, pictures and other easygoing posts. Since the system comprises of a very surprising gathering of people, LinkedIn promoting requires an alternate sort of way to deal with get the outcomes you need.

Why is LinkedIn effective on marketing?

It is more superior to every other system. As per HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more successful at lead age than Facebook and Twitter. The purpose behind this is undoubtedly in light of the fact that LinkedIn clients are high level state leaders.

As per LinkedIn, the webpage has 500 million individuals, 61 million senior-level influencers, and 40 million leaders utilizing the site. The system does flaunt extensive sums clients; however, the clients are powerful, abnormal state administrators that most organizations are focusing in their B2B advertising efforts. LinkedIn, hence, is an unmistakable spot to achieve these leaders when attempting to advance an item or administration.

Besides, 78% of B2B advertisers state LinkedIn is a successful apparatus for substance promoting. It's not simply that B2B advertisers feel they should utilize the site, it really is a compelling device in any B2B promoting effort.

Begin with connections, then build relationships - Comprehend that LinkedIn is an informal community for experts to associate with different experts. An entrepreneur can, and should, interface with prospects, vital accomplices, referral accomplices and different entrepreneurs. What's more, when those associations are made, the entrepreneur can choose how to sustain explicit associations with develop the relationship.


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What is YouTube Works for?

YouTube Platform is an American video-sharing site and the headquartered in San Bruno, California. Google purchased the site in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now works as one of Google's auxiliaries.

According to WIKI YouTube originally made or actuated on February 14, 2005, and the site was created over the consequent months. The first YouTube video, titled Me at the zoo, indicates fellow benefactor Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo.

For some youngsters, YouTube is utilized to watch music recordings, satire appears, how to guides, formulas, hacks and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Adolescents additionally utilize the video-sharing administration to pursue their most loved vloggers, buy in to different YouTubers and big names they are keen on.

Importance of YouTube

YouTube is the home of the viral video, the term for a video that spreads quickly to a large audience on the Internet. Marketers can use other social media avenues, such as Facebook or Twitter, to direct consumers to YouTube videos as a way of trying to get the videos to catch fire with the public.

YouTube Marketing Brands and Retailers

Brands and retailers that are utilizing YouTube need to guarantee that their substance is connecting with network individuals through channel support. In the meantime, brands and retailers need to utilize YouTube to drive online traffic to choose goals and improve site website streamlining methodologies and it is also an outlet where most brands are coming up short. Why? Since they are just utilizing it for one reason and not associating it to different showcasing targets.

It should be obvious; the information says everything: YouTube is your best channel to use for video advertising. You can appreciate supports in SEO, fabricate your traffic and brand mindfulness, grow your social achieve, market to gatherings of people abroad, improve your ROI, and differentiate your video advertising system with numerous channels.

How can you make money on YouTube?

Sponsors possibly pay when somebody clicks an advertisement or looks for 30 seconds. This is the reason you can't attach your channel perspectives to dollars. In the event that your video gets ten million perspectives yet no one watches or snap the promotions, you don't profit. This is the means by which I'm ready to make $1 per 25 sees.


Benefits from YouTube?

Prepare your channel to procure:

Step 1: Enable your channel for adaptation.

Step 2: Connect your YouTube channel to an AdSense account so as to acquire cash and get paid for your adapted recordings.

Step 3: Take a moment to become more acquainted with the sorts of recordings you can adapt and the distinctive advertisement groups.


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United Arab Emirates University – College of Food and Agriculture Invites us to Participate on the CFA Event and it was held last February 24-26,2020 In Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed St. Al Ain Abu-Dhabi.

In this event we participate as One of The Gold Sponsorship with the vision is to focus on the Food and Agriculture Sciences Including Human Nutrition and Health, Food Sciences Animal Sciences & Fisheries, Horticulture, Agribusiness and Veterinary Medicine.  

This CFA week provides us an opportunity for the college students, alumni& faculty members as well as the staff and crew to share the network and experiences on our company as what we are now.

To Mr. Mobasher Eltileb Hassan & Ms. Aysha Mohammed Al Neyadi the CFA Week Committee Chair,

On behalf of El Gaysoni Portal (Mattajir.Net) We thank you for the opportunity you given us.